NORCHEM production from the external warehouse

NORCHEM production is now available in small bulk from the warehouse in Noginsk (Moscow region). By popular requests of the clients, the Company Management took the decision to organise an external warehouse with ultimate availability for the consumers, which mostly work with packaged goods. The filling of the warehouse and the first goods dispatch started in September 2017.


The modern warehouse complex with high-technology equipment provides the all-inclusive dispatch of the traditional product assortment of three NORCHEM production sites ("Zavod sintanolov" LLC, "Lanitex-Optima-7" LLC, "NORCHEM-Polyesters" LLC) from one location. The basic concept of the external warehouse is to merge and optimize all product flows for convenience of the clients and proximity to final consumers. The own efficient logistics allows customer-specific order batching and transport services to any region in any possible packing.


Regarding the operating conditions of the warehouse you can contact the Logistics department of Zavod sintanolov LLC by the phone number: +7 831 272-88-63 ext. 208.



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