27 January 2017

On the 26th of January 2017 in Moscow took place the General portback election meeting of the Perfume and Cosmetics Association of Russia (PCAR), summarizing the results of its activities during 2015-2016. On the meeting participated 40 representatives of the member organizations, including Zavod sintanolov LLC, that belongs to the Association as a regular member since 2011.

27 September 2016

NORCHEM Group participated at the International exhibition "KHIMIA-2016", that took place from the 19th to 22nd of September 2016 in Moscow. The Management of the Company has officially announced on the exhibition about acquisition of the new assets for polyester production on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod region - nearby its base production site, "Zavod sintanolov" LLC. The manufacturing facilities of the start-up company, "NORCHEM-Polyester" LLC, amount to 30 000 tons of final products per year.

14 March 2016

For already 10 years Zavod sintanolov LLC is a regular participant at the International specialized exhibition "InterBytChim". The production of the company was several times the winner of the competition "The best materials for Household chemistry and Cosmetics" and earned gold and silver medals "Crystal Lotus".

This year Zavod sintanolov LLC for the first time took part in "InterBytChim" within NORCHEM Group of Companies.

11 December 2015

On 11th of December 2015 NORCHEM LLC (Nizhny Novgorod) and RT-Chemcomposite JSC (Moscow) signed the Memorandum of cooperation on participatory development of innovative technologies for chemical productions.

1 December 2015

The product range of Zavod sintanolov LLC was increased by new line of products under trademark STENOR™.

Nonionic emulsifiers / solubilizers / dispersants STENOR K36, STENOR K40, STENOR K455, STENOR 20 and STENOR 80 represent analogues of well-known imported products, widely used in cosmetics, household chemistry, agrochemistry.

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